Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chick-Flicks can cure ...anything

It's been a while and today I am in bed sick as a dog (I hate this reference) listening to everyone I talk to tell me how awful I sound (thank you btw) and trying to feel better. I have avoided stuffing myself in my room with the go to remedy because I just have not had time. But once I get sick enough where time no longer matters, I turn to a sure fire remedy that I feel compelled to share...

Some women would say chocolate is their choice remedy for just about everything. For guys, a good beer and a round of cards with the boys. For me, while I admit I do enjoy all of the aforementioned I prefer a good chick flick, or many depending on the illness. Tom Hanks, Richard Gere*, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Matthew McCoughaney*, Jennifer get the picture. They all become old friends reuniting to help me get well soon.

Of course, when I get sick I purchase all items on the typical get sick check-list: Kleenex, Chicken Soup, NyQuil, and cozy PJ's. However there is one indulgence that I always fulfill and I believe, helps to make me feel better (or at least distract me from whatever ailment has taken over my body)...chick flicks. When I am down and out there is nothing better than a good round of Sleepless in Seattle, a series of Friends episodes, some Serendipity, and of course a mini marathon of Sex and the City all are definitely on my "make me feel better list." The irony here is that this is similar to the checklist of a break-up remedy. Replacing NyQuil with wine and chicken soup with chocolate, of course. Regardless, I find that it's all pretty much the same. Now there is no guarantee how long or how many chick flicks it can take, numbers vary with illness, but I find if I remain persistent my team always comes through. My theory is strong and proven to be a success in my case, whether it be a cold, a heartache, a bad day at work, or whatever other stressors may be weighing on my shoulders chick flicks can cure just about anything on any given day and if you want to include wine, chocolate, or NyQuil (not recommended with wine) I would highly recommend this remedy for just about anything to anyone, In the end everyone has what works for them and this is what I find that works very, very well.

As for me right now, I am not quite half way through my list and am hoping by this time tomorrow I am over the worst part of this wretched disease (dramatic sigh) that has taken over my sinuses and ease of breathing. I have faith my "doctors" won't let me down.

*Top 5 reference

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