Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chick-Flicks can cure ...anything

It's been a while and today I am in bed sick as a dog (I hate this reference) listening to everyone I talk to tell me how awful I sound (thank you btw) and trying to feel better. I have avoided stuffing myself in my room with the go to remedy because I just have not had time. But once I get sick enough where time no longer matters, I turn to a sure fire remedy that I feel compelled to share...

Some women would say chocolate is their choice remedy for just about everything. For guys, a good beer and a round of cards with the boys. For me, while I admit I do enjoy all of the aforementioned I prefer a good chick flick, or many depending on the illness. Tom Hanks, Richard Gere*, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Matthew McCoughaney*, Jennifer get the picture. They all become old friends reuniting to help me get well soon.

Of course, when I get sick I purchase all items on the typical get sick check-list: Kleenex, Chicken Soup, NyQuil, and cozy PJ's. However there is one indulgence that I always fulfill and I believe, helps to make me feel better (or at least distract me from whatever ailment has taken over my body)...chick flicks. When I am down and out there is nothing better than a good round of Sleepless in Seattle, a series of Friends episodes, some Serendipity, and of course a mini marathon of Sex and the City all are definitely on my "make me feel better list." The irony here is that this is similar to the checklist of a break-up remedy. Replacing NyQuil with wine and chicken soup with chocolate, of course. Regardless, I find that it's all pretty much the same. Now there is no guarantee how long or how many chick flicks it can take, numbers vary with illness, but I find if I remain persistent my team always comes through. My theory is strong and proven to be a success in my case, whether it be a cold, a heartache, a bad day at work, or whatever other stressors may be weighing on my shoulders chick flicks can cure just about anything on any given day and if you want to include wine, chocolate, or NyQuil (not recommended with wine) I would highly recommend this remedy for just about anything to anyone, In the end everyone has what works for them and this is what I find that works very, very well.

As for me right now, I am not quite half way through my list and am hoping by this time tomorrow I am over the worst part of this wretched disease (dramatic sigh) that has taken over my sinuses and ease of breathing. I have faith my "doctors" won't let me down.

*Top 5 reference

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Being Domestic"

I, like so many, struggle with fitness. I don't even try to hide it, I HATE working out. I can stand dieting, I can practice self control but getting myself to the gym or outside for a fun run (haha, I laugh at the thought) I just cannot do it. In addition to this, I, like many, beat myself up over it. Thoughts easily consume me, I should be there; maybe I'll get up early; I could probably leave the baby just a little bit longer. Yet I never, okay-rarely, ever have true follow through. This part I find interesting, because I am a follow-through type of gal. I follow through on just about everything I do. To be honest, it's kind of annoying because I can't just walk away from too many things-except that is for exercising. Yup, I suck at it.

Tonight I was standing in the grocery line, staring at all of the grossly, scrumptious, high in instant gratification: low in long term satisfaction edibles that enveloped me in the checkout lane...then as I glanced over all of the items in my cart, primarily baby related, it hit me. Why the hell do I have to work out!!!!??!! Seriously! I quickly thought of all the things I do in my day to day routine that should be positively and rapidly slimming my waistline. Here it is, you do the math...

20lbs of baby (avg.) - An easier calculation of daily frequency would be to see when I am not holding her.*
5-7lb Diaper Bag(avg)*
10lb car seat (without baby)-@ least 2x Daily in and out of car*
1-2lb purse-Is there really a need to put a number on this?*

3 round trips to the coffee station - Daily*
20 stairs(avg)-Daily (too many times to count)*
Running around the Grocery Store @least 3x per week*

Arm, Butt & Leg Toning
50-60 bend and lifts of baby-Daily*
20-30 bend and lifts of diapers-Daily*
25-35 bend and lifts of toys- Daily*
3 massive loads of laundry- 2x per week
Miscellaneous trips in and out of the house/ car/ store*
Random walks to lord only knows where*
Random chases after the dog, the baby, or yes, even my husband*

*These items are done at least half of the time in high heels

All in all I do believe I should be well on my way to having the body of the latest swimsuit model.

Reality check-I once read you burn x-amount (x=some obnoxious amount) of calories lifting the remote control. Ergo, men could try to prove they were doing something productive while feasting disgustingly on the beautiful couch, we work so hard to keep pristine and comfy. If this is truly the case then why is fat not melting off of me? This is the daunting question. Although, I suppose, just maybe, I am not being 100% fair to this constant fitness routine I will refer to as "being domestic" perhaps it takes the full 18 years of child rearing to reap the physical benefits. Ugghhh, I suppose only time will tell. Until then, being domestic is by far one million times better than going to any gym, for me of course, and the way I see it I have deserved whatever indulgence (in proper proportions of course) that the grocery line may bring...hey, I earned it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The "Hallmark" Holiday

With Valentine's day less than a week away, I feel compelled to breakdown what a good friend of mine refers to as "The Hallmark Holiday." V-day is supposed to be a day of love and romance but seems to ignite more sparks of disagreement rather than love. Debate surrounds this day almost as much as the term Merry Christmas (which btw I think is crap, but that's a different soap box). So, here's my outlook...

Men have issues with this day because it forces them to be romantic on some level. My argument with that is well-maybe if you took the initiative the rest of the year to remind us that we are loved, we are beautiful, and we are the one you really do want f.o.r.e.v.e.r (despite our age, weight, or frizzy hair) women decades ago wouldn't have claimed this day as a way for you to make us feel I didn't say this was a good argument, just the obvious one.

Women who have issues with this day are rarely in relationships. (Sorry, but it is true) However to be nice to these fragile hearts. Truth be told, there aren't many women who dislike Valentine's every year, their entire life.

Exception- As always there are exceptions. The rare man does exist who lives for the romance that can come on day such as February 14. I happen to know one such individual. He is a romantic at heart and he uses this very special day of love as an excuse to go over the top in his gestures, but not because that is what you are "supposed" to do but rather because it is who he is at his core, a true "romantic being." Equally rare- is the woman (who does exist) who believes that Valentines is truly just another another day to smile sweetly and be appreciative for what she has in a partner and speak from the heart just as she does each night before bed : ).

Personally, I am all three. I have had my moments of bitter disappointment spending my fair share of Valentine's day alone and absolutely cursing the day. I have had my time, admittedly sometimes strapped financially or maybe not in the best of relationships, where the last thing I wanted to do was be romantic. And then there are the times when I have spent romantic evenings being wined and dined at fine restaurants. As a woman I admit that celebrating Valentine's Day and succumbing to this hallmark holiday is much more enjoyable than fighting against it.

There are always going to be moments in life when we wish things were a different way but we can't change that Monday is Monday...we have no way of making it Friday so we just have to put on a smile and get through, then it's over before you know it...even the longest of days come to an end. So if you really hate this holiday I am sorry, but put on a smile and it will come to an end; and unlike Mondays you have an entire year until it comes your way again. The bottom line is ITS VALENTINES DAY ...ITS ABOUT LOVE. ANY KIND OF LOVE. Draw a heart on a piece of paper and give it to your mom, your dad, your child, your's about making someone smile and if you are lucky enough you may get one yourself. So maybe it is a "hallmark holiday" what's wrong that? My last "hallmark" was pretty phenomenal <3

Monday, February 1, 2010

"There's no such thing as playing it safe..."

"There's no such thing as playing it safe. There are really only two paths the one that is right, and the one that is almost right. When you take the latter it is merely god telling you "okay, well if you really want to go that way, well, alrighty then." " Her words echoed through my mind, I wasn't afraid, I was scarcely calm. Everything was resonating. I am not sure what I was expecting to get out of this experience but this wasn't it...was it? Some would say her words were generic, this woman had given me so much in such a short amount of time, my mind was reeling. As soon as I got off the phone I thought to myself, okay-alright-I can breathe, she made sense. I quickly dialed my husband, no answer. So I dialed my mom and told her about every word (I could recall) from this intuitive counselor. I think, well I know rather, my mom doesn't believe this kind of thing. But something about the validity she gave me was calming and I was very much appreciative.

I have fears, we all do, and for the last few weeks my husband and I have been considering making some significant changes to our life, but other things were coming to fruition. Some might call these things "signs" and others "tests" the kind of thing that makes you ask are you serious or are you a dreamer and not a doer?? I didn't know which was right and I had heard this lady for months on the radio and I had done some research and was willing to pay for one of her readings to not put myself out there publicly. My husband, the realist and skeptic that he is said OK, if you really want to, but maybe you should just try to get through on the radio first. I agreed. I left it up to fate...if it rang it was meant to be but by no means was I go to hit redial for three hrs. Low and behold, it rang and was answered very quickly. I was guaranteed to be put on the air live as long as I stayed patient and on hold. I could hear the whole show and it was amazing, yet very much Sleepless in Seattle. I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes, I even considered hanging up until this sweet, heartbroken old man wanted to be connected to his wife who had passed. This medium knew things about their love, even about the way they slept at night that no one could possible have known...I was convinced. I was her next call. After giving her a very generic request (with all intentionality) testing to see what she would give me. Well within seconds she said and I quote "you are quite the list maker (giggle, giggle) yeah Kerri, you are kind of busted!" OK-she has my attention!

It was such an awesome experience...yes for you skeptics out there maybe she is a flake but in some ways we all kind of are. But whether it be god, a "higher power", Buddha, whatever, isn't life better knowing there is something greater than us and this out there?? And if there is and we believe this, isn't there always an operator? Food for thought I suppose. Either way...what a cool experience for me. I wouldn't say it changed me Per Se, rather allowed a little bit of stress to melt away and a little bit of validity that I am a bit crazy at times and trust that there is a path to remain on, I should continue to move forward, and to remember you have a mind and a gut separately for a reason.