Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long time, no talk...

So it's been a while; and quite honestly I have been longing to blog. My issue is that I don't have my laptop or a netbook at our new house (yes we moved, it's been a busy few months...more about that later) I had no idea how connected I had gotten to my laptop. I simply cannot blog on my pc! Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I am just weird. The bottom line is that for now when I am traveling I shall blog away; at least until I can get my hands on that nifty little netbook that my bestie pointed out will fit perfectly in my handbag :)

Moving on, which is precisely what I have been up to; we moved and I started a new job, which I am truly enjoying. It gives me the opportunity to stay connected with my type-a planning self and work on research projects that actually mean something and are making a difference in pediatric healthcare...these projects truly are remarkable. I am surrounded day in and day out by some of the most well known experts in perinatal, neonatal, and pediatric care Phenomenal! Tomorrow is my big "final exam" (not really but that is what I have been calling it) we have one of our biggest sessions tomorrow of the year and we have been working hard so I hope I can pull it off ...fingers crossed! As for the move, we found a great place about two hours north of where we were and only a 20 min commute from work. It's beautiful! We were able to be close enough to the "city" of Vermont while still enjoying a quaint and quiet Vermont lifestyle. Eventually I'll post pics of the new place but right now we are doing quite a bit of updating. We signed a 2-yr lease so we have plenty of time to update but have already done some. Not that it needs it that much, just more of putting our own touches of home on it.

Taking my writing for a 180 can I tell you how excited I am for S&TC2...I didn't even know how much until I found sneak peek previews on the satellite in my hotel and found myself hooked. I find my TV addictions to be interesting because I am always a bit off beat just by a smidge. I suppose this could/and probably does pertain to all areas of my life, but that's not the discussion here...back to topic...all my faves, Friends , 90210 (the original), Two and a Half Men, Cosby (forget age here) and yes, Sex and the City, for one reason or another be it time, work, realization... I never watch these shows when they are up and running I always find them in syndication then become absolutely hooked where I am in desperate need to spend the 2 or 300 dollars for ALL episodes. Why is this??? Okay, maybe I am just weird, although I do prefer the term quirky.

I realize this is all a lot to take in heck it's a lot for me to write although I feel compelled at the end of this to, how have you been?