Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Being Domestic"

I, like so many, struggle with fitness. I don't even try to hide it, I HATE working out. I can stand dieting, I can practice self control but getting myself to the gym or outside for a fun run (haha, I laugh at the thought) I just cannot do it. In addition to this, I, like many, beat myself up over it. Thoughts easily consume me, I should be there; maybe I'll get up early; I could probably leave the baby just a little bit longer. Yet I never, okay-rarely, ever have true follow through. This part I find interesting, because I am a follow-through type of gal. I follow through on just about everything I do. To be honest, it's kind of annoying because I can't just walk away from too many things-except that is for exercising. Yup, I suck at it.

Tonight I was standing in the grocery line, staring at all of the grossly, scrumptious, high in instant gratification: low in long term satisfaction edibles that enveloped me in the checkout lane...then as I glanced over all of the items in my cart, primarily baby related, it hit me. Why the hell do I have to work out!!!!??!! Seriously! I quickly thought of all the things I do in my day to day routine that should be positively and rapidly slimming my waistline. Here it is, you do the math...

20lbs of baby (avg.) - An easier calculation of daily frequency would be to see when I am not holding her.*
5-7lb Diaper Bag(avg)*
10lb car seat (without baby)-@ least 2x Daily in and out of car*
1-2lb purse-Is there really a need to put a number on this?*

3 round trips to the coffee station - Daily*
20 stairs(avg)-Daily (too many times to count)*
Running around the Grocery Store @least 3x per week*

Arm, Butt & Leg Toning
50-60 bend and lifts of baby-Daily*
20-30 bend and lifts of diapers-Daily*
25-35 bend and lifts of toys- Daily*
3 massive loads of laundry- 2x per week
Miscellaneous trips in and out of the house/ car/ store*
Random walks to lord only knows where*
Random chases after the dog, the baby, or yes, even my husband*

*These items are done at least half of the time in high heels

All in all I do believe I should be well on my way to having the body of the latest swimsuit model.

Reality check-I once read you burn x-amount (x=some obnoxious amount) of calories lifting the remote control. Ergo, men could try to prove they were doing something productive while feasting disgustingly on the beautiful couch, we work so hard to keep pristine and comfy. If this is truly the case then why is fat not melting off of me? This is the daunting question. Although, I suppose, just maybe, I am not being 100% fair to this constant fitness routine I will refer to as "being domestic" perhaps it takes the full 18 years of child rearing to reap the physical benefits. Ugghhh, I suppose only time will tell. Until then, being domestic is by far one million times better than going to any gym, for me of course, and the way I see it I have deserved whatever indulgence (in proper proportions of course) that the grocery line may bring...hey, I earned it!


  1. I'm not even going to *ask* why you chase Brent around! lol...

    I kid, I kid...

  2. Wow maybe I do get more exercise than I thought after reading this! I'm the same as you... absolutely hate going to the gym. But like I always say, the gym will be there forever, the baby will grow up and move away someday.