Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chocolate & Faith DOES Make Any Day Better :-)

I should start by saying, life is nuts! Absolutely, chaos personified on some days. Alas, here I am and still would not change a thing, even if in the moment my natural born pessimism may try to sway me the other way. NC has say the very least. I feel as though I have so much to say, yet nothing to say all at the same time. It's an odd marriage of emotions. But tonight, here I sit enjoying a 1/2 recipe of a one-minute-mug brownie (recipe below) with low-fat ice cream and although I have not showered, I am COVERED in toddler snot and germs, and I only slept for maaaybe 3 hrs last night I am pleasant and living on blind optimism aka true faith that the road ahead is paved with good intentions and that my higher power has a plan.

One-Minute Brownie Mug(full recipe)
I cut each ingredient in half and save myself the calories and fat content!

Grab your *favorite* coffee mug and together mix the following: 4 tblsp Flour
4 tblsp Sugar
2 tblsp Unsweetened Cocoa
pinch of salt
mix dry ingredients then add:
2 tblsp Veg. Oil
2 tblsp Water
mix well and cook for one minute in the microwave and INDULGE!!!

*yes, it should be your FAVORITE coffee/cocoa mug, especially if you are having a bad day, even the little things will make you smile <3


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