Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's start over...

Okay, so it's been ...a really, really, really long time. Since my last post I have switched jobs, had a baby, lost an uncle, my mother has moved in (and out) of our home, oh yes, and we have moved three times. The latest being to Raleigh, NC only as of a month ago so while I feel in some ways, as though I have left an entire chapter out, here's to hoping it's for good reason. Let's start over, shall we. Hello, to most my name is Kerri, to some I am Kerri-ann, for others I am (Auntie) Kiki, and to my beautiful-albeit, sometimes devilish, daughters I am simply Mommy. I have been married for 4.5 years and after 13 years in Vermont my husband and I uprooted our entire family to replant south of the Mason-Dixon line in North Carolina. Why? You (and I have been known to-repeatedly) ask. Simple, the cost of living is less, the pay (if you have a job) is more, and we would someday like to give our girls the opportunity to take dance, voice, or piano lessons that they will likely never use but will allow them to form those ever important social relationships and boundaries society so endearingly requires of us. Or at the very least, have enough money to offer to buy Sbux 1 of every 10 times my dear sister(s) and I meet up. So yes, while it's seems absolutely, crazy to some-present company included- to summarize: we both left our jobs, our home, family, and friends to move to a brand new place to make more money, spend less, and hopefully have the ever luscent "American-(cough:::pipe::: cough)Dream". Some say it's commendable; others opt for stupid. My take is that it is only commendable if we are successful and we may be waiting at least 2-4 years, if not longer, to begin to see the starting effects. Admittingly, I am currently in a major state of realism meets pessimism concluding with but it is important to point out the following positive key factors 1.Yes, we do have wonderful people here 2. my husband has a job and was hired without even needing an interview and started before us being here two full weeks 3. we have an apartment and 4. we are settling in. All wonderful things. My biggest blunder for me is simply not having a job, BUT that is a completely different post...maybe tomorrow! For now, I am simply here to catch up and get back on the proverbial horse, which I believe I have done. Well, enough about me. Soooo, how are you? It is wonderful to see you again. <3

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